CFG Asset Management

Investment Solutions

Halal Permissible Investment

Discover CFG Africa’s Halal Permissible Investment, a gateway to ethical and growth-oriented finance. Rooted in Sharia principles, this offering empowers you to invest with confidence, aligning your values with financial aspirations. Benefit from diverse investment avenues, including the innovative Ijarah-based model, carefully structured to ensure compliance while delivering competitive returns. Embrace a journey of responsible finance with tailored solutions designed for your peace of mind and prosperity.

Invest in our Fixed Rate Note

Unlock stability and steady growth with CFG Africa’s Fixed Rate Note. This investment avenue offers you the assurance of a predetermined fixed return, shielding your capital from market fluctuations. Whether you’re seeking dependable income or capital preservation, our Fixed Rate Note provides a reliable solution with competitive returns. Experience financial confidence with a secure investment option designed to meet your long-term goals.

Commercial Paper

Optimize your cash flow dynamics with CFG Africa’s Commercial Paper. This invaluable financial instrument offers corporations a flexible avenue for short-term financing, catering to immediate funding needs with efficiency. Backed by CFG Africa’s credibility, our Commercial Paper presents a compelling opportunity for managing liquidity while ensuring capital preservation. Experience financial agility with a reliable instrument that aligns with your business’s dynamic demands.

Our Non-interest Investments

At CFG Africa, we believe there should be equal opportunities for all kinds of investors to have access to investment and financial solutions, irrespective of their diversities, faith, or beliefs. This has led us to explore and develop investment products which are non-interest, taking into cognizance, the personal values, and faith-based principles of clients. We create mixed portfolios of halal permissible investment options which we assist our clients to manage, as well as fixed return rental yield investments over the short and medium term. Rental yields here are from 10.00% and 5.00% for Naira denominated and USD denominated assets, respectively.

Depository Notes

One of the key tenants for the group’s business module, is to bridge the gap in Africa’s financial services sector. We identified funding gaps for some emerging corporates, seeking partnerships towards select invoice discounting transactions. These short- and medium-term transactions can avail annualized returns of up to 15.00%, depending on volume.

Tenured Placements

We facilitate the execution of multi-currency (NGN, GBP, Euro and U$D) tenured placements on our platform. These back-end placements provide competitive returns through which wealth is created.

Managed Portfolios

Our fund-portfolio management service is conceptualised out of the need to assist investors, manage funds and investments in multiple asset classes to achieve a diversified portfolio of optimally and professionally managed investments, create a structure which ensures capital preservation, while achieving growth and income generation.

Based on agreed asset classes and a documented portfolio mix, we would deploy funds into various options, in an agreed proportion. The decisions here would be influenced by: –

  • Your investment obligations,  corporate values, and utilization of the funds.
  • Economic outlook for the territories which the investment would be domiciled based on quality research deployed as well as sustainability of asset classes.
  • Opportunities which may arise during the management process.