Our business

CFG Asset Management

Our Asset Management business was conceptualized to help our clients create and manage wealth. Our goal is to introduce sustainable investment solutions capable of meeting the financial needs of a global clientele base. 

Explore our Investment Solutions.

Halal Permissible Investment

Discover CFG Africa's Halal Permissible Investment, a gateway to ethical and growth-oriented finance.
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Invest in our Fixed Rate Note

Unlock stability and steady growth with CFG Africa's Fixed Rate Note.
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Commercial Paper

Optimize your cash flow dynamics with CFG Africa's Commercial Paper.
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Our Non-interest Investments

At CFG Africa, we believe there should be equal opportunities for all kinds of investors to have access to investment
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Depository Notes

One of the key tenants for the group’s business module, is to bridge the gap in Africa’s financial services sector.
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Tenured Placements

We facilitate the execution of multi-currency (NGN, GBP, Euro and U$D) tenured placements on our platform.
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Government Securities Investments

We provide avenues for the purchase of government securities at the primary and secondary treasury bill market.
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Managed Portfolios

Our fund-portfolio management service is conceptualised out of the need to assist investors, manage funds and investments
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Wealth Management

  • Institutional wealth management.
  • Private wealth management.
  • Discretionary/Non-discretionary management.
  • Estate Planning and wealth management
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Trust

Funds and Products

  • Equity / fixed income linked notes
  • Equity linked investments
  • Real Estate


  • Community
  • Investment Clubs
  • Strategic Collaborations

Family Office

  • Multi family
  • Estate & Tax
  • Family Governance
  • Wealth transfer structure