social, governance (ESG)

Investing with
Purpose and Impact

At CFG Africa, we take pride in our comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) offering, which underscores our dedication to responsible investing and creating a positive impact on society and the environment. Our ESG framework is built on three key pillars, each contributing to our mission of empowering growth with purpose and sustainability.


Under the environmental pillar of our ESG offering, we focus on identifying and investing in companies and projects that demonstrate a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. We carefully assess the environmental impact of potential investments, seeking businesses that embrace eco-friendly practices, resource efficiency, and renewable energy solutions.

Our team of experts evaluates companies’ efforts to mitigate carbon footprints, reduce waste generation, and implement eco-conscious supply chain management. By investing in environmentally responsible entities, we not only drive positive change but also position our clients to benefit from the growing demand for sustainable solutions in an ever-changing global market.

with Purpose

As a core aspect of our ESG focus, we believe in investing with purpose and impact. Beyond financial returns, our investment strategies consider the broader implications of each opportunity, striving to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. We actively seek out companies that align with our values of responsible and sustainable business practices.

Our portfolio is meticulously curated to include investments that reflect our commitment to ESG principles while delivering strong financial performance. By investing with purpose, our clients can achieve their financial goals while knowing that their investments drive positive change in the world.


At CFG Africa, we place immense importance on strong corporate governance as a fundamental aspect of our ESG offering. We invest in companies that uphold the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability. Our rigorous assessment process ensures that we partner with entities led by competent, experienced, and forward-thinking leadership.

We actively engage with company management to advocate for governance reforms, driving positive change from within. By prioritizing governance excellence, we mitigate risks, safeguard our clients’ interests, and foster a culture of responsible decision-making within the organizations we support.

Why Choose Our ESG Offering

Our ESG offering represents more than just a set of guidelines; it embodies our commitment to building a sustainable future for Africa and its people. By aligning our clients’ investments with ESG principles, we create a portfolio that resonates with their values and aspirations. 

With our ESG-focused approach, clients can:

Make a Positive Impact: Invest in companies that drive meaningful change and contribute to a better world.

Future-Proof Investments: Access industries and businesses well-positioned to adapt to evolving market dynamics and changing regulatory landscapes.

Drive Innovation: Be at the forefront of emerging trends and innovations that shape the sustainable industries of tomorrow.

Foster Long-Term Growth: Benefit from companies that prioritize long-term viability and sustainable growth.

Gain Competitive Advantage: Demonstrate social responsibility and environmental consciousness, enhancing their brand reputation and appeal to socially conscious investors.

By choosing CFG Africa’s ESG offering, investors not only secure their financial future but also actively participate in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for Africa and the world.